The yacht has a slender hull and perform very well under canvas. Due to her weight (close to 100 mT when fully laden) she offers great comfort even under the most demanding weather conditions. She is the yacht that provide second-to-none safety for family and guests. She is most satisfied in the wind range from 11 knots and more. With all sails set, she fly close to 1000 sqm and is a joy to sail on a reach. Upwind, she perform well around 40 dgr apparent.

The sailing speed use to be around 8 to 9 knots.

On a reach she commonly achive about 11 knots. The maximum speed in the Baltic was 13 to 14 knots on an open reach in heavy swell.

Isabel is equipped with hydraulics on all sails. The combination with electrical winches, you enjoy sailing her with only a crew of two. With your fingertip on a button.

Isabel is a member of a family who have continued with the heritage from previous owners to never put her under charter. Isabel is quite unique in the sense that she has a very short ownership chain. Only about three owners before the current owner falled in love and bought her. You might consider this is one of the arguments she is in such a good condition today.

Isabel has been taken care of with great love and respect. A true member of the family.

The Jongert's extra ordinary quality in craftmanship and details, are other facts to her second-to-none condition.

She is all about friendship. Becoming a friend is having the same conversation for years. You stop at one point and then six months later you restart. That's what it means to have a good friend. That balance, it's  quite difficult to find. The ISABEL is a very close friend who you always yearning for. Getting ombord, always gives all of us a feeling of freedom. We are passionated about the way she is built. The way she perform, and the outstanding quality and safety she deliver. She is driven by passion.

D R I V E N  B Y  P A S S I O N


ISABEL lazy reach in the Baltic.