E A S Y  H A N D L I N G  S A I L S  &  R I G G I N G

Isabel is a bermuda ketch-rigged yacht with a cutter mainmast.

The crew can easily hoist or reduce sail area by pressing a button. All headsails, main and mizzen are manouvered with means of a hydraulic Rondal Furling Systems. All sheets are handled by electrical Lewmar Winches with Automatic Gears. Even though, Isabel is carrying a quite impressive sailarea, she can be sailed with a modest crew of two! All sails are new and made by the North and Banks sailmakers.


All systems onboard Isabel are of commercial standards to very high quality and specifications. The system and its operation is very straight forward and easy to understand and maintain. The engine room is the heart for all systems. One of few engine rooms with a red carpet over the alumium bilge floors! Numerous systems has recently been exchanged and will do their job for the next coming 15-20 years. Isabel is well documented with approprate manuals and drawings covering most of its equipment.

All sorted in specific files stored in the technical libary at the wheelhouse.

C O M M E R C I A L   N A V I G A T I O N   &  C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

Isabel provide brand new commercial navigations- and communications systems. The navigation system have a tripple backup equipment with the latest technology from Furuno. The system include a commercial AIS Class-A equipment as well.

For communications, Isabel is equipped with multiple VHF systems, Inmarsat- and Iridium Satellite Communications for voice and data.

A WiFi network is provided throughout the yacht. The Bridge and its navigation and communications system are GMDSS approved. All emergency systems are new and include multiple EPIRBS and Personal Man Overboard tracking system.

ISABEL Deckhouse Bridge. GMDSS approved.